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Practical Open Source

The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source

by Maria Winslow
ISBN: 1-4116-1146-2
226 pages
Lulu Press,

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New book helps IT directors navigate the waters of open source

Open source in the enterprise has reached a critical mass - no technical manager with budgetary responsibility can afford to ignore the possibility for significant cost benefit in their organization. The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source is the first book to arm IT directors and system administrators with the knowledge they need to objectively evaluate open source software for their particular computing environments. This book guides the reader through the process of finding practical uses for open source that will integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Worksheets enable readers to quickly and easily evaluate the feasibility and return on investment of any potential migration project. The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source includes information on the best professional-quality low-cost software for Linux, with dozens of listings, including where to download and where to find support. Case studies are used to demonstrate ways open source has been successfully deployed by peers.

The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source presents the pragmatist's viewpoint, and assists technical managers in seriously examining how open source software can have a positive impact on their organizations now.

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About the author

As an open source business analyst, Maria Winslow assists clients in understanding the technical and budgetary impact open source software will have on their computing environments. She is a frequent speaker and writer on the ROI of open source, and is a contributing editor of LinuxWorld Magazine. She can be reached at maria.winslow at

Praise for The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source:

"IT managers about to reach for the aspirin when they try to figure out their open source corporate positionshould grab this book with both hands instead." - Don Rosenberg, author, "Open Source: the Unauthorized Whitepapers"

"The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source is an accurate description of this easy to read and understand working manual. This book tells you what you need to know about available open source software, with business case studies of successful deployments in corporate and government IT environments. It's an excellent reference guide that I keep on my desk ... dog-eared and underlined." - John Weathersby, Director, The Open Source Software Institute

"Maria Winslow has created an exceptionally usable guidebook for businesses developing an open source strategy. This book will save you a lot of money." - Zak Greant, Community Relations, MySQL

Get the worksheets from the book

Download the accompanying worksheets to assist you in conducting your own feasibility/ROI assessment.